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Since 2010, Osphere Solutions- Division of Osphere Group has been a leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence solutions. Our hybrid model combines proprietary technology and human intelligence to optimally collect, filter, analyze, and package information in an easy-to-understand format that supports decision-making and strategic planning. With offices in three countries, our 150 experts around the world can help you find, understand and exploit information relevant to your business.

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Our proposed intelligence strategy is to provide a clear illustration of the target products and target markets based on well-defined and validated market intelligence.
  • Collaboration with customer to understand stakeholders’ objectives and ensure all requirements are well understood.
  • Centralized, local language secondary research to gather information on the industry’s value chain, demographics, regulatory trends, key players, evolution, etc.
  • Osphere interviews players across the industry value chain (competitors, suppliers, distributors, customers, industry experts, etc.) for qualitative insights and quantitative data.
  • Osphere refines the analysis to the relevant level of detail. Accuracy checks, logic and consistency checks, cross-checks between sources, validation with experts.
  • Findings are collated into a visual, intuitive and professional format to aid interpretation of findings – complemented by workshops and post-project support.
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