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Empower your business with Artificial Intelligence

Osphere Solutions helps businesses in various industries achieve higher productivity and fuel business growth with automation, machine learning, smart recognition and more.

Being one of the top AI companies, Osphere Solutions sees the incredible potential of this technology for various business sectors.

Transform your business processes with artificial intelligence experts in Dubai and lower operational costs with predictive analysis solutions to enhance your workflow. We use machine learning(ML), object character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, deep learning, computer vision (object detection, image segmentation. etc.), augmented analytics to empower businesses with modern technological solutions.

We develop AI solutions to make companies competitive in the ever-changing market. We have completed more than 200+ projects so far developing AI solutions for retail, manufacturing, financial sector, pharma & healthcare, public sector, transport & logistics, oil & gas, media & entertainment. Today almost every industry can benefit from the implementation of AI as AI software means less human errors, more efficiency, and continuous progress. 

AI as a service has a wide variety of applications. Artificial Intelligence has found application in almost every field of concern. Some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence are :
  • Natural Language Processing enables computers and machines to understand the natural language spoken by humans. Machines can take input from humans in their conversational tone.
  • Artificial intelligence and data science consulting has revolutionized the gaming experience also. Gaming giants like Playstation are using AI as a service to take real-time input and enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Expert systems built using artificial intelligence service incorporate human intelligence with the artificial intelligence. These systems have the ability to advise the businesses or individuals based on prediction and history data analysis.
  • Computer vision has the ability to understand, interpret and analyze the visual inputs given to the computer system. For example, advanced vision systems for the doctors to diagnose the patients. Computer vision systems are used in number plate recognition systems and face recognition systems.
  • Artificial intelligence applications are able to understand, comprehend and interpret the meaning behind the words spoken by humans. AI systems can understand the meaning behind the sentences. Also, it can understand various languages, slangs, accents etc.
  • With the help of data science consulting companies, it has become possible for computer systems to understand human handwriting. It can match the handwriting and also can convert human handwriting into editable text.
  • Robots are intelligent machines that are able to perform work faster, more accurately and efficiently than humans. Robots with sensors have the ability to detect heat, light, humidity etc. These robots can adapt to the environment and learn from their past experience.
  • Customized AI applications that help you access real time reports, predict when your customer will buy a product, monitor demand and supply, and offer better user experience with speech and text recognition services. Smart solutions that offer product recommendations, task automation, image recognition, and chat functionality for better customer experience.
  • Our AI tools simplify decision-making and offer insights that will improve the efficiency of treatments, predict future cases, and minimize the risk of false diagnosis.
  • Transform the way you get mission-critical tasks done with Osphere’'s AI solutions for the Transportation industry. Incorporating solutions like IoT, we focus on the reliability and safety of your AI system to improve safety, reliability, environmental pollution, and wasted energy.
  • Gather market insights, analyze consumer buying behavior, customize offers according to customer preferences, learn market trends, and create the right campaign for your brand. AI can help you offer personalized experience, measure ROI, communicate better with chatbots, and detect errors in websites, apps, SEO, etc.
  • Our AI technology offers integrated multilingual voice and chat support to provide improved customer service with information accuracy, updated knowledge base, and information security.
  • AI can help event management companies automate emails, gather market insight, offer personalized solutions, and predict ROI when planning events.
  • With AI, the Food and Hospitality industry can reach clients in potential markets with empowered market research, provide better customer service with automated manual tasks, and predict demand for better resource management.

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