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Affordable Solution to Improve Customer Conversions

We specialize in helping businesses improve their customer retention rate by outsourcing live chat personnel. Companies can now provide live and on-demand support to every customer or client who visits their website, no matter the time of day or the country of origin.

We have offices in the USA, Dubai, and India, with all chat agents physically located in our Dubai and India offices. All our agents are well versed in English and receive extensive training to provide expert advice and guidance relevant to the industry your company operates in.

In every business, the customer is the most important cog in the machine that keeps the business running. Providing live support when the customer needs it most has proven to be the most influential way to retain customers and make repeat sales. Therefore, you can be confident that when you integrate Osphere Chat Outsource into your business’s website you will make more money as your site is attended to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the rare event that a query is unable to be answered by our professional chat agents we have procedures in place to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is retained. The chat agent will call you with the details so you can provide the solution in a timely manner. The provided answer will then be added to our database, enabling our chat agents to answer any future queries of that nature reliably and without interruption.

Live chat is the new way to reach out to more visitors and convert them into paying customers. Call us to see how easy, fast, and affordable it is to get live chat support on your website today.


Here are just some of the great features you can enjoy through using our live chat service:

Highly trained staff ensure a personal and professional service your customers will appreciate
Secure and 100% reliable service for peace of mind
Reach an even wider audience with our new Facebook Chat support
Customers will be delighted with your ability to solve problems and answer queries when they need it the most - right now
Customized support ensures your customers receive the very best in care
Increased customer satisfaction ensures business growth through repeat sales
Customers will receive personal on demand care and attention 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Visitor tracking reports provide insight for managing improvements in customer service
Our chat agents are proficient with all chat software and fully trained in all industries.
Never let another potential customer slip through the cracks with our 24-hour professional service
Our goal is to deliver leads, so our no leads, no pay service provides excellent value for money

Drive More Sales with our Live Chat Outsourcing Service


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